COVID-19 UPDATE November 2020

Dear Customers,

We understand that this is a difficult time for many. Please be assured that we are taking full precautions, in accordance with the latest government guidelines, to ensure the highest safety for you, our staff and the community at large. This is an update to share what we are doing to protect public safety and provide continued Supermarket services.

Maximising Public Safety


We are educating our team. Staff have received up-to-date training and education about correct hand-washing procedures, safe equipment usage, avoidance of face touching, hygiene best practices and sanitisation protocols.


We have a dedicated sanitation team. Key members of staff are following sanitisation regimes to regularly sanitise high-traffic areas of our store, including but not limited to eftpos machines, fridge handles, entries, exits and hand railings.

Staff are required to use hand sanitiser between serving each customer.

Access to Hand Sanitisers

All Front End registers are supplied with hand sanitisers. We have introduced hand sanitisation stations though out the store in addition to the trolley wipes available at the front of the store.

Wash Stations

We have in place 2 wash stations, to wash your hands before entering and after exiting the store.

Strict ‘no-symptom’ Attendance Policies

We have strict policies for staff with any medical symptoms to a) stay at home, b) report directly to our HR Team and c) self-isolate and/or seek appropriate medical attention. Staff are not permitted to return to work until symptoms are fully recovered and medical and/or government mandated isolation periods have been fulfilled.

Promoting Social Distancing

Staff have received training about social distancing, as per current Government guidelines. We have additional signage displayed throughout the store to promote Social Distancing compliance. Please note: We have ordered ‘Social Distancing’ 1.5m Stickers to display at Front Registers to assist with appropriate spacing in queues and will implement these as soon as they arrive.

Encouraging Customers to do their part

We are doing all we can to reduce the risk to our customers and we ask that our customers do their part. Please reduce the amount of products you touch to only those that you intend to purchase.  Maintain good hygiene whilst in store.

 Store Policies

Trading Hours

There are currently no plans to alter trading hours at this stage. Food supply is an essential service and we plan to keep serving our local communities. As a network we have continuity plans in place to do our best in the worst-case scenario. We are working with our supply chain partners to make sure we can keep supply up for our communities. We ask that everyone remain calm and purchase normal quantities to ensure everyone has fair access to stock.

IGA Cooroy is committed to serving our local communities and always have been. IGA Cooroy is independently operated, and will continue trading as long as we possibly can whilst maintaining a safe environment for their staff and customers.

Stock Levels:

We’re working hard to keep our shelves stocked. We’ve put on more staff and whilst we’re placing more orders on the things you want to purchase; demand continues to remain high. Rest assured we are doing our best to keep up with your demand on the products that you need and want.

Change of Mind “Return Policies” Suspended

IGA stores have different return policies, however given the magnitude of purchasing we are temporarily suspending “change of mind” return policies.

Our store is being cleaned more than usual

As a food store, we already have very high standards of cleaning and hygiene in place. However, as a precautionary measure the network of IGA’s are intensifying their cleaning practices. They are dedicating more time to sanitization procedures, focussed on the most common touch points in store.

Instore Specials

Please be advised that we will continue to run specials providing the suppliers are able to honour previously committed promotions.

We will only have electronic catalogues until further notice. Please check our online catalogue link.

Keeping you updated if there is a case in one of our stores

We continue to take advice from the Department of Health to make sure we’re taking all the necessary steps to ensure ongoing safety, including additional detailed cleaning in store where necessary.

What are we doing to protect our staff? 

At IGA Cooroy, we take the health, safety and wellbeing of our Staff very seriously.

In addition to all measures described above to provide the most up-to-date health, hygiene and safety protocols, promote adherence to social distancing guidelines and ensure any team members remain home to recover, we have implemented the following:

Dedicated COVID-19 Team Managers

As the government guidelines and new developments around the pandemic are constantly shifting and evolving, we have appointed dedicated COVID-19 Team Managers who are staying up to date with breaking news and most recent developments. They are also staying abreast of all best- practice recommendations coming through professional bodies associated with supermarket regulation and food safety. We are sending updates and reminders to staff phones and inboxes in a timely and responsive manner.

1.5m Perspex Glass Dividers for Front End Registers

These have been installed on order to provide a physical barrier for minimising potential virus transmission between customers and staff alike.

Community Q&A 

We have received an overwhelming amount of correspondence about potential measures we could be taking as a store to protect public health and safety.

We thank you sincerely for your concern and understand the need to do everything within our power to protect the community.

At this stage, we are acting in accordance with government and state guidelines. At this point, this means that we cannot refuse entry to customers who may display symptoms of illness. Isolation, for the present time, is an individuals’ social duty and as a supermarket (and not a government body) we cannot police this within the external community.

In terms of gloves and masks, we are acting in accordance with QLD Health and Australian Govt Dept of Health recommendations. With this in mind, wearing masks and gloves is optional for team members.

Thank you for your understanding.

A kind note from our team members

Our hearts are completely with you during this difficult time. We know that these are highly stressful, anxious circumstances and that you are understandably worried about the safety and food security of yourself and those you love.

This is by far our greatest challenge, both as a business and as a community. Just like you, we also have people that we love and are worried about. Many of us are working long hours to serve you and ensure that your family is as safe and well-looked after as possible.

Please understand that despite our best efforts, there will be some disruption to our usual services. Many stock shortages are due to supply issues that are completely outside our control. While we will continue to do our best to keep shelves full, there are back order supply challenges Australia wide, due to peak purchasing.

We also ask for your understanding and patience with wait times and customer service. We are keeping staff home who display ANY symptom of unwellness, for the protection of you and the whole community. Our rosters and staff levels could reflect lesser than desired levels at times and we ask for your compassion and kindness if lines are a little longer or responses are more delayed than usual.

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to shop with us. We are so grateful for your continued support.

We are here to help and we are here to serve. Together, we’ll get through this!

The material and information contained in this advice is for general information purposes only.

You should not rely upon this material or information as a basis for making any health, lifestyle or other decisions.

About Us

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